Taking action on supermarkets

Tamati Coffey
Labour List MP

We’ve just announced more support to ease the pressure on households here in the Waiariki, with further action to make sure Kiwis are paying a fair price at the supermarket checkout.
I know people are fed up with paying a premium for just the basics, while supermarkets earn $1 million a day in excess profits.
We’re calling on supermarkets to open up wholesale access for their competitors, at a fair price – or the Government will do it for them through law. Opening up wholesale access will make it easier for new competitors to enter the grocery market, and ensure fairer prices for Kiwis.
We’re appointing the Commerce Commission as an interim ‘grocery watchdog’, to review the grocery sector and keep supermarkets honest. We’re also introducing a mandatory code of conduct and compulsory unit pricing on grocery products, to make it easier for consumers to compare prices.
Together, these changes will help to fix our supermarket sector and ensure fairer prices at the checkout.
Taking action on supermarkets is just one of the ways we’re helping to reduce financial pressures. We’ve recently rolled out a new ‘cost of living package’, extended the fuel tax cut and reduced road-user charges, boosted superannuation and main benefits, and restarted the Winter Energy Payment as part of our work to ease the pressure on Kiwis.
This time of global uncertainty will pass, but it’s important that we do what we can right now to support families here through this tough period.


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