Tauranga wishlist for 2021

Simon Bridges
National Party MP

As we start 2021 I am hoping for an exciting year. Our local business people and community volunteers will be gearing up and so too must our Labour Government. Prime Minister Ardern secured a big win last year and has a massive team: there is now no room for excuses. For Tauranga to thrive there are a few not-so-secret ingredients PM Ardern must sprinkle in and in no particular order here is what I think they must be. 

First in 2021 we need to see construction start on the Tauranga Northern Link and preferably we’ll also see progress on other game changing projects like a solution for the Barkes Corner/Tauriko roads and Hewletts Road/Totara Street. This will allow more housing to be built around Tauranga because the core infrastructure will allow for it.

We also need more social housing. Labour should grab hold of Accessible Properties’ plans to transform old state houses into many more warm dry homes for our needy. This work can’t start soon enough and is the most important thing we could do to stop the growth in inequality in our city. 

I also hope Council will start on its buildings in the CBD to revitalise this area. Government has a role to play and for example should chip in for a CBD museum. They should also get out of the way on other important city projects like the University Marine Centre at Sulphur Point.

Finally, we need leadership by the Police Minister and Police HQ to halt the rise of anti-social and violent behaviour we are seeing locally, from youths through to serious organised crime.

We have a great city but these ingredients are needed to make the cake even bigger and sweeter.

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Posted on 20-01-2021 08:06 | By Told you

Why is it when in Power none of these suggested projects were ever implemented?

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