Reefer + Endum

Brian Rogers
Rogers Rabbits

Scary but true. Rogers Rabbits is back, for a limited time only. But I promise you, readers, you’ll be wishing for a hasty return of Hutch by the time I’ve finished this page.

Page 2 has been in such good hands lately that Rogers has been able to recover in extended recuperation. While the rest of you were messing around with Covid 19, Rogers had gone a step further, installing the full version of Cancer 20. I soon decided I didn’t like it and asked for it to be un-installed. Seems it isn’t that easy to delete.

The last time anything took this long to recover was grandma’s recliner chair; after the notorious scone with plum jam incident of 1972.

But more about my grandfather’s scone prowess later. We have more pressing concerns.

Such as a looming general election and a couple of referendum.

Happy endings

This is fitting because the first part of the ‘referendum’ word may be pronounced “reefer” which is more or less what you’re voting for or against.

You’ll notice that the word also ends in “endum”. This is no coincidence; the second vote is the euthanasia question; it asks whether we should “endum”.

And there’s more. If both referendum get through, to 1; legalise dope and 2; have end of life choices, I reckon it could then be possible for citizens to take the option of being stoned to death.

Fans but no plans

Meanwhile, the country is plunging deeper into debt. It is marvelous that the team of five million has managed to stave off Covid by all going into self-flagellation. Now we’re out of those draconian levels, however the cost is continuing to mount. Everyone from David Seymour to the guy who fixes jam stains on recliner rockers has got good ideas for turning around the haemorrhage …. Except the one person who matters at the moment… the PM. She doesn’t want to talk about, has refused media interviews and, I suspect, doesn’t have a plan.

The only plan is to keep throwing money at the problem, and the perceived problems.

Trouble with head-in-the-sand thinking is it will leave a huge mess for successive governments and generations to deal with.

It’s all very good to be the only country in the world to beat off Covid (so far) but there needs to be a better plan, or any plan, to dig us out of the debt chasm.

Other than stoning ourselves to death.

No idea? Don’t vote

It’s that time again when the strange gender neutral person sashays across our tv screens telling us why and when to vote.

Which means it’s time again for Rogers to offer this opinion: If you don’t know who or why to vote, don’t. If you need a billboard with a three word slogan, a cheesy smile and a name plastered on it before you can make a decision on our future government, forget it. If you’re so ignorant or indifferent for the best part of four years, about politics and the people who are making decisions that change your life, you shouldn’t be making any snap decisions on who to vote for. Leave it for the people who have bothered to take an interest, to decide for you. To hell with the do-gooder propaganda about the importance of everyone voting. Only those who know what they’re doing should decide our futures. The rest of you, go back to whatever rock you’ve been under since the last election and crawl back.


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