Cost of living

Simon Bridges
National Party Leader

New Zealand’s economy has a lot going for it at the moment and should be booming. Our terms of trade are at historical highs, interest rates are low and the Government has inherited huge surpluses from the previous National Government.

Despite this our economy is continuing to slow, business confidence is well into the negatives, and our economy is about to plunge into a deficit for the first time in 15 years.

The cost of living is continuing to skyrocket and many of you will be noticing a lot more of your income is being absorbed by everyday expenses. Petrol prices are going up while rents have increased $66 per week in Bay of Plenty.

This Government is fleecing New Zealanders through increased taxation. National has committed to indexing tax thresholds to the cost of living, so Kiwis aren’t taxed more by stealth every year, and we won’t introduce any new taxes in our first term. We will repeal the Regional Fuel Tax and won’t increase petrol excise taxes in our first term.

Despite this increased taxation we have not seen the infrastructure improvements we should be. Vital infrastructure projects like the Tauranga Northern Link have been canned despite the previous National Government having them ready to go. This lack of progress isn’t just slowing us down on the roads, but it’s slowing down the entire economy.

Piling on these extra costs hurts those who can afford it the least. It makes it harder for low income households to get away from welfare dependency, and small businesses are less likely to get ahead.

Kiwis deserve a government that will focus on unlocking that strong economy.

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Strong Economy

Posted on 20-01-2020 11:22 | By Told you

Simon is wrong when he says he can fix NZ they had nine years and mucked up everything they touched,I’m afraid the National Party will be in opposition for another three years at least.

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