Working together is key for tackling challenges facing Tauranga

Clayton Mitchell
New Zealand First MP

When challenges present themselves, the best way to approach them is by working together.

Tauranga is currently facing a whole raft of challenges with its infrastructure as it continues to grow. We are now reaching max capacity and are bursting at the seams.

Our roads are severely congested, and we are running out of land for housing developments. If we are to tackle these issues effectively, we need to take a co-operative and collaborative approach.

Local councils need to be able to work with each other, as well as with the central government. When councils work co-operatively, issues such as the need to expand our city limits will be solved in a more efficient and timely manner. As local and central governments work closely together, more gets done. If MPs have an on-the-ground connection to what is happening in a city, they are more able to advocate for it at the central government level.

Last week, I initiated and hosted a networking evening for the newly elected members of our three local councils. Overall, it was very well received.

The evening offered an opportunity to discuss how local and central governments can engage with each other more effectively. New councillors and mayors were able to mingle and get to know each other in an informal setting. I have found that the best ideas and solutions come about in social settings rather than formal meetings. This event was a significant first step in setting a new standard of co-operation between members of our local and central governments.

Fostering a culture of teamwork between government representatives will result in far more being accomplished in the future. Creating this culture begins with building solid relationships. I look forward to creating more opportunities for developing these connections in the future.


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