Brilliant teachers

Jan Tinetti
Labour MP

There is nothing better than watching good teachers teach.

We have so many great teachers, and during my time as a teacher and principal I have been fortunate enough to work with many of them.

Then there are those teachers who are simply extraordinary - we all know the ones. They are the teachers who go beyond the academics required of them.

They coach and support sports teams after school and at weekends, they run the debating and philosophy clubs during their lunch hour, they dance with kids at the school disco, they high-five the children when they have achieved and ask if they are okay when they seem down.

They give the kids some extra help when NCEA exams arrive, giving much needed advice and offering extra tutorial classes after school and during weekends. When you meet up with your old school friends many years later, you all remember the teacher who was kind, caring and helped you get a pass in School C maths when you thought there was no hope.

These extraordinary teachers provide a lasting legacy for their students and inspire them to go on to be the best that they can be in life.

They inspire their colleagues to be good teachers, they inspire students to go into teaching as a profession, and parents and the community are grateful to them for all that they do for our kids.


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