Tauranga November Rainfalls 1898-2018

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with John Maunder

The graph shows the range of November rainfalls from 1898 to 2018 in Tauranga, from an extreme high of 285 mm in 1916 to a low of only 12 mm in 2009.

The second wettest November was 1967, when 240 mm was recorded; the second driest November was in 2011, when only 13 mm fell.

The long-term average rainfall for Tauranga in the month of November is 85 mm. The rainfall for November 2018 was 113 mm..

The graph of the November rainfall shows at first glance normal variations from year to year.

However, there has been a notable decrease in the November rainfalls during the last few years.

Indeed, the average November rainfall in Tauranga for the 50-year period from 1961-2010 of 78 mm is only 85 per cent of the rainfall for the 50-year period 1910-1960.

Since 1898, there have been 11 November months with a rainfall of 150 mm or more (seven of which occurred during the period 1913-1952).

In chronological order, the wettest Novembers are: 1913 with 205 mm, 1916 with 285 mm, 1925 with 167 mm, 1933 with 152 mm, 1936 with 153 mm, 1938 with 174 mm, 1952 with 232 mm, 1967 with 240 mm, 1981 with 191 mm, 1995 with 204 mm, and 1999 with 160 mm.

In terms of dry Novembers, there have been 13 months with rainfall of 30 mm of less, four of which have occurred since 1997.

In chronological order the driest Novembers are 1901 14 mm, 1902 26 mm, 1914 with 17 mm, 1919 with 23 mm, 1928 with 28 mm, 1945 with 20 mm, 1963 with 30 mm, 1982 with 24 mm, 1984 with 19 mm, 1997 with 24 mm, 2009 with 12 mm, 2011 with 13 mm, and 2012 with 27 mm.


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