Chondroitin: A forgotten hero, part two

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In the last edition we looked at a major research study that confirmed the benefits of a high dose of chondroitin sulphate (CS) for joints affected by osteoarthritis.

After looking at that study (Wildi et al, 2011), this week we dig a little further.

I have no doubt that the correct dose of high grade CS is the number one natural compound to help stabilise joints affected by osteoarthritis.

As an example, I have been helping a man with osteoarthritis in both knees. The pain levels had become quite debilitating. We started with a booster dose of 1600mg of high grade chondroitin with the same amount of glucosamine, and 400mg of high potency curcumin (from turmeric).

After three months, the pain level had significantly reduced and he is now mobile again.

More recent research from the British Medical Journal (May 2017) compared high grade chondroitin with common anti-inflammatory medication and found that 800mg of CS was beneficial.

Researchers commented: “This compelling benefit-risk profile, in light of the known clinical risks associated with chronic usage of NSAIDS and paracetamol, underscores the potential importance of pharmaceutical-grade [chondroitin sulphate] in the management of knee [osteoarthritis], especially in the older population requiring long-term treatment.”

The question is, how can it help?

What does it do to arthritic joints? Researchers have found that CS has multiple benefits.

Firstly, it helps regulate inflammatory processes within the joint capsule.

Secondly, and more importantly, it helps specialised cells that reside in cartilage called chondrocytes.

CS improves the ability of chondrocytes to secrete and repair cartilage. This comes as no surprise, as CS is an important component of cartilage.

I have worked with so many people with osteoarthritis that I am genuinely surprised if we cannot get an improvement within three months.

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