Focusing on the ‘can,’ not the ‘cannot’

Mary Parker
The Fast Track Life Coach

“Worry often gives a small thing a great shadow.” Swedish proverb.

In the past, the number of times I’ve worried and worked myself up over a situation are too many to count.

The more time I spent worrying over something, the bigger it seemed to grow as I added new scenarios, possibilities and ‘what ifs’ to it. 

In more recent times I have taken a more proactive approach, and looked at what I can and can’t do. I have focused on the ‘cans’ and let go of the ‘cannots’. 

This is not an easy exercise, but one that will become easier with practice. Things gain a more healthy perspective when I hear what is going on in my head - the shadows recede and almost immediately the worry becomes smaller.

What steps can you take to give yourself more perspective around your worries?

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