Failing to plan is planning to fail

Straight from city council
A personal view,
by Councillor Steve Morris

Councillors have been expressing the community’s frustration to NZTA (the government agency responsible for State Highways) regarding several projects recently.

There have been significant difficulties with the Welcome Bay underpass that should have been identified when the $45m project was designed five years ago - not three months after opening.

The nine-day trial which funnelled SH29a traffic onto Welcome Bay Road put travel times from Welcome Bay back to what they were before the underpass.

The dangerous cycle lane, obvious to the public from day one that cuts through the middle of oncoming traffic has resulted in the closure of a lane to cars. However, common sense has finally won, and the cycleway will be removed and rerouted.

There were accidents at the SH29/Barkes Corner roundabout when the confusing traffic lights were placed too close to the roundabout. The lights had a green phase, but drivers were still expected to give way, unlike the Maungatapu roundabout!

Councillors have been pleading with NZTA not to let the Bayfair to Baypark project on SH2/Maunganui Road become an aerial carpark as traffic backs up from Hewletts Road.

Adding an express bus lane from Papamoa down the left-hand side, into MacDonald Street, then Hewletts Road would be the best advert for public transport, but to no avail.

The Tauranga Northern Link was supposed to start this month under the previous government, but is on hold with the Labour/New Zealand First government. NZTA have some great staff, but they are only given budgets by governments to build a sow’s ear.


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