Love versus judgement

Mary Parker
The Fast Track Life Coach

“If you judge people you have no time to love them.”  – Mother Teresa.

Most of us have a fear of being judged by others. Sometimes it causes us to hide who we are for fear of that judgement, because we can be all too aware of our weaknesses. However, some weaknesses can be a shadow side of a strength – the flipside of being perceived as slow at decision-making might mean you are insightful and reflective, or you have been labelled scatterbrained, whereas in fact you are enthusiastic and full of life, or are you curious and interested as opposed to prying and nosey. 

Learn to love what and who you are and how you interpret your strengths and weaknesses. Then look at those around you with appreciation – because with love and support perhaps their weakness can be flipped into a strength also. Our journey will always be more enjoyable if we choose the road of love and acceptance over that of judgement.

What perceived weakness might you be able to recognise as a future strength?

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