Benefits of a good multi-supplement part 1

John Arts
Abundant Living

A good multi-style supplement is one of the best health investments you can make. A well formulated multi will ensure your body will have all the nutrients needed to stay healthy.

I regularly speak with clients who have added a multi antioxidant/mineral/vitamin supplement to their programme and notice a significant improvement in energy and wellbeing. A healthy body is one where our billions of cells have optimum levels of nutrients to run properly.

As an experienced formulator, I know it is impossible to provide sufficient nutrients to fit in a one-a-day product.

My multi-antioxidant/mineral/vitamin has a dose of two-to-four capsules a day. At this level, you get meaningful amounts that make a real difference.

A good multi should have all the important major and trace elements. I have real concern about low levels of critical minerals such as selenium, zinc, copper and manganese as these are needed to build our antioxidant defence systems.

Many diseases are linked to low levels of trace minerals.

Your multi should have a  full B vitamin complex - in particular B6, folic acid and B12 as they combine to reduce homocysteine, which is a risk factor for heart disease and some forms of dementia.

It should have natural vitamin E and meaningful levels of vitamin D for immunity.

Finally, it should contain the most potent antioxidants, especially grape seed extract. I know of only a few supplements that contain these potent antioxidants. My preferred grape seed extract is the well-researched and patented ActiVin. I know of no single botanical ingredient to have such a positive impact on health. Give me a call on:  0800 423 559 or email: for  more information.

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John Arts is a qualified nutritional medicine practitioner and founder of Abundant Health.


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