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New Zealand-born Damon Innes enjoyed music as a youngster, learning to  play guitar at 12, and had already started to write songs just a year later.

He spent a good part of his life  in Vancouver, Canada, and it  was here that he released an album called ‘Omanu’ with his band Automatic Slim.

Back in New Zealand, he ran a jam night for around 12 years, and was fortunate enough to meet a good number of talented musicians.

He formed a group called The Deeds and released an album named:  ‘The Evidence’.

The family moved again, this time to Australia, where Damon met another group of talented musicians. He recorded an album with Big Natural, featuring Kevin Shilling on drums.

He was then fortunate enough to be able to play with Killerqueen - a well-respected tribute act - and they did some touring, with a highlight being playing bass guitar with the band in front of 10-20,000 people.

Back in NZ again, Damon reconnected with childhood friend Joel Shadbolt, with whom he had played with when he was learning guitar.

They know each other well and enjoy similar styles of music, so it made sense to join forces and perform as a duo.

They are playing together on Sunday, May 27, at The Matua from 3-6pm.

It’s a great little venue with a friendly atmosphere. I have heard these two perform, so you will be in for a treat.


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