When the travel bug bites

Bridget Nicholls
Acacia Safari Tours

We don’t often think of bugs in flattering terms, but the travel bug is one I hold dear. It courses through me each and every day.

I am back in New Zealand now, but the travel bug is biting already, which is why I am so excited to let you know I have cemented plans for two Kenya tours this year.

The first is October 4 – October 16, 2018, and the second is November 5 – November 17, 2018.

I can take a maximum of 10 people per tour.

For those who have been following these articles and browsing my website, you can now start to make your choice.

Once you have chosen your dates, we can start planning the nature of the trip itself - choosing the particular wonder you want to see and experience.

I can’t wait to chat and start making your travel dreams come true.

Please feel free to contact me for a chat.

I know that with my years of travelling, I can shape a great journey for you.

Please get in touch and let the travel bug bite  us hard.

Email: acaciasafaritours@gmail.com or call:  027 256 0160.


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