Protecting our future

Jan Tinetti
Labour MP

Here in the Bay we are feeling the full effects of climate change. Being on the coast we are very vulnerable to environmental changes.

We have experienced an increasing number of very destructive storms, with homes and businesses being flooded, crops affected and roads damaged. Who could forget those scenes of the surf pounding properties on Matua’s Beach Road? Our people and our economy are being seriously affected.

Acting now on climate change is estimated to save the country $30 billion in the future. What’s good for the environment is ultimately good for the economy!

For that reason, the government has set a target of zero carbon pollution by 2050. Much of our energy currently comes from fossil fuels, and many Kiwi jobs depend on them.

The fact is we need to begin our energy transition now if we are to make a difference in time. We need a fair and just transition to a clean energy future.

That’s why this government has just announced that we are ending new offshore oil and gas exploration and limiting new onshore exploration to a small block in Taranaki, which contains no conservation land.

The government has chosen a sensible path to get the balance right. We want to protect current workers from a sudden change. We want to protect the energy supplies New Zealanders need. And we want to address climate change to protect future generations from a rising tide.

By moving away from fossil fuels, we are investing in a more stable, prosperous, and cleaner future for our children and grandchildren.


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