Steve's farewell to Councillor Gail McIntosh

Straight from city council
A personal view,
by Councillor Steve Morris

Last month, we lost one our most intelligent, direct and effective councillors with Gail’s passing on January 4. She had beaten cancer twice, including last term on council, and continued to work throughout with her usual skill and vigour in spite of that most cruel and debilitating disease.

I still can’t get over how hard she worked right ‘til the end.

An intensely private woman, when she became ill again late last year she didn’t want her colleagues to know, but the signs were clear.

As we broke for Christmas, I wanted to say my goodbyes to Gail but was struggling with how to do it. How do you say goodbye to someone for whom any talk of goodbye is off limits?

I decided to couch my comments along the lines of ‘in case I get hit by a bus on holiday, there are some things I want to tell you’. Sadly, the distractions of the season and the illness progressing faster than expected prevented me from telling Gail how much I respected her and how I noticed her kind heart beyond the tough exterior.

Mostly, as a father of daughters, I wanted to tell her how I admired her work for women over the decades and that my girls are growing up in a world with more opportunities because of women like her. Farewell Gail.


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