A call to action and a call for change

Simon Bridges
National MP

Are you going away this long weekend, and if so, will you be travelling over the Kaimai Range to Hamilton?   

As magnificent as the Kaimai Range is, the roads around this region have cost a lot of lives.

Many choose to avoid this route, especially during high use times like long weekends and public holidays.

Improving these roads are a priority.

National had planned the extension of the Waikato Expressway from Cambridge to the foot of the Kaimai Range. Under the current government this is now in doubt along with  many other roads of significance around the country including Tauranga’s Northern Link.

The National Party has launched a series of petitions aimed at saving regional highway projects that the current government may ditch.

And we need you to sign and show the government how important these roads are.

Safety will always be a major priority, but so is economic growth. We need these roads to continue moving forward. Tauranga is NZ’s main port and Hamilton provides many services such as health and education.

Getting rid of National’s expressway extensions would put a dampener on the great growth we have seen in Tauranga, the wider Bay of Plenty, Hamilton and wider Waikato.

Our communities deserve these road and the National Party will be fighting for them. We hope you will join us.

If you would like to sign the petition you will see it on this page.

For an electronic version go to:  www.simonbridges.co.nz

I will also be at the Red Square in Tauranga from 2.30pm on Friday, February 2 gaining your support, so please come and see me.

Your signature counts.


Rear View

Posted on 30-01-2018 22:15 | By Fonzie

Simon needs to tell us as the previous transport minister why it is that of the three toll roads in the country Tauranga has two of them and other centres get their improved roads for free.Largest export port fastest growing area and the poor relation when infra structure funds are provided


Posted on 27-01-2018 06:54 | By Told you

Its is obvious that what Simon is doing is purely grandstanding, trying to get us to believe that is what National would have done.Does the Bridges up north or four laneing 15th Ave come to mind.We all agree this work needs to be undertaken, but so do many roads around this country so priorities go out the window.We in BOP are small fish in the in the overall scheme of things.

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