Ancient Romans and 21st Century Tauranga

Straight from city council
A personal view,
by Councillor Steve Morris

Whenever you recycle a glass bottle you are participating in a human tradition that has been around for at least 2000 years. Roman citizens were recorded recycling glass just after the time of Christ. Move forward to 2017, many Tauranga citizens received a letter from Waste Management last week informing them that glass will no longer be accepted in their kerbside recycling bins from March 1 next year.

Instead, glass bins will be set up around town. I don’t believe for a second that removing the convenience of a kerbside bin will do anything to increase recycling. You may have read already that council is looking at our city’s waste problem, including options for rates funded, user pays, different bin collections, increased regulation – or any combination of these.

We’ll present a solution to you in March for consultation prior to any decision being made. As things are, we’re going backwards, and a modern city deserves better.

There’s another environmental initiative that council is seeking your feedback on. We’re proposing to spend $1.75m over the next three years to clean up contaminants in storm water entering the harbor, focusing initially on the CBD, Mount Industrial and Welcome Bay areas. As summer approaches, there is no better fun than swimming at Pilot Bay with the kids or jumping off the pontoon at the new tidal stairs in the CBD.

However, it kills the mood a bit when you see a discharge coming from storm water pipes nearby!


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