Bee products for medicinal use

Dr. Shawn Holt
Medicines from the Hive

A seminar looking at the medical uses of products from bees and their environment will be held in Tauranga on September 12.

The seminar will be led by Dr Shaun Holt, science director of HoneyLab, a Tauranga-based pharmaceutical company which is running the world’s largest clinical research programme into the medical uses of products from bees and their environment.

Shaun lectures at Victoria University in Wellington, is a qualified pharmacist and doctor and the author of nine books and more than 200 scientific papers.

HoneyLab does not sell jars of Manuka honey to be eaten, rather developing novel medical products and undertaking clinical research to show that locally-sourced natural materials can be as effective and safe as pharmaceutical medicines.

Humans have been using honey for medical purposes for at least 4000 years and recent research has shown that it is an effective treatment for many medical conditions.

Other products from bees are also effective, including bee venom which can potentially help with pain from arthritis and remove wrinkles! And importantly, the bee venom can be obtained without killing the bees.

The seminar will discuss HoneyLab’s past, present and future research programme, how the products are developed, how they are tested, and answers common questions such as: What are the differences between different types of honey? What is ‘medical-grade’ honey?

The seminar will be held on September 12. To register phone Age Concern on 07 578 2631.


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