Therapy for Osteoarthritis (Part 2)

John Arts
Abundant Living

Nutritional therapy can be effective in helping osteoarthritis. For example I have been helping someone with osteoarthritis (OA) in one knee which affected her mobility. She also had hypertension and swollen ankles from poor lower leg circulation.

We used a combination of therapies to target all the problems. We added my joint supplement at a double dose delivering 1500mg of high grade chondroitin sulphate with the same of glucosamine sulphate and 200mg of a proprietary 95 per cent curcumin extract (from turmeric).

To this we added 6000mg of Omega 3 fish oil and a bullet blend I have developed to assist circulation to help her swollen ankles. This included raw beetroot to dilate blood vessels. The result is that after three months the pain has reduced by about 50 per cent and her ankles are less swollen. I expect these improvements to continue.

High levels of chondroitin sulphate (CS) are important as it is a major constituent of cartilage. At therapeutic levels this can help with cartilage function and has anti-inflammatory activity.

Studies, including J P Pelletier (Arthritis Research and Therapy, 2016) demonstrate that chondroitin sulphate at high levels has the ability to modify joints affected by osteoarthritis. In particular there was a marked reduction in further cartilage loss with overall joint improvement.

There are several ways CS can improve arthritic joints. Firstly it seems to inhibit a number of inflammatory compounds that are associated with OA. The second is previously mentioned reductions in cartilage loss.

The third is even more promising. According to research by Y Herotin (2010) CS appears to stimulate the chondrocyte cells that produce cartilage. High levels of CS seem to increase the collagen needed to make the cartilage matrix. For more information give me a call or email You can read back issues at

John Arts is a qualified nutritional medicine practitioner and founder of Abundant Health. Contact John on 0800 423 559.


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