For richer or poorer?

Vanessa Dodunski
from Enable Me

When you first “consciously coupled” with your partner, things looked fine.  You are both in good jobs with good prospects. Your spouse worked hard, progressed quickly, you both enjoyed the perks of a high income in the form of regular holidays and frivolous spending which leads to a lot of frittered income.

But it's ok, the more money you earn the less you need to worry about it, right?

Until one day you are a spouse of a partner who is fundamentally unhappy and stressed in their job, you tend to bear the brunt of it.  You want them to be happy, you need them to be happy, otherwise the family situation will implode on itself eventually. 

You both agree that he needs some time out and deserves the rest. It will only be for a month or so. He has ideas of developing a business, you want to be supportive but it is scaring you, and his general lack of regard for the family finances is unsettling. 

When couples transition between jobs and incomes it can be a very difficult time and create uncertainty. Remember, any business takes an investment of cash and time. Always, outsource your "financial sounding board". Navigating through this period of change is traumatic and can add more strain to an already downtrodden relationship, so engage help to make sure you do it the smartest way possible. Here at EnableMe we can help navigate you through the trauma of financial change to help you do things smarter and ensure faster results.


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