Going Green

Rebekah Sharp
from Elm Tree Early Learning Centre

Growing children who live sustainably, respect nature and have a heart for the environment is easy with these great tips from Rebekah Sharp from Elm Tree Early Learning Centre.

  1. Be a good role model –Parents who reduce, re-use and recycle inspire the same kind of thinking in their children. Take them with you when you visit the Transfer Station, wash the car together on the lawn and use eco-friendly household cleaners and toiletries. Spend time building their appreciation of the great outdoors, by being responsible with rubbish and respectful of flora and fauna.
  1. Pack a ‘fantastic no plastic’ lunchbox –A packed lunch should not only contain healthy choices – it should also minimise waste. Store food in re-usable containers rather than cling wrap. Bake at home to avoid buying snacks that are over-packaged. Where possible include whole foods that do not contain preservatives. Recycle food scraps into the worm farm or compost it into the vege garden.
  1. Make it fun – Capture your child’s imagination by making new toys out of recycled materials or by putting on a ‘World of Wearable Arts’ fashion show. Work together to create a worm farm or to plant native trees that attract birdlife. Open their eyes to the simple things they can do every day that will preserve their clean-green surroundings.

Just think how many trees each child will save throughout a lifetime of sustainable practices. Start teaching eco-friendly habits early and you’ll be amazed at how readily your children adopt these practices into their daily routines.


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