Should I take Co Enzyme Q10 (Part 2)

John Arts
Abundant Living

Co enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is one of the most important things made by your body. The crucial function of CoQ10 is to shuttle electrons in the final stage of making our energy.  The main symptom of low CoQ10 is low energy and muscle issues.

Some illnesses also increase demands for CoQ10 especially MS, Parkinson’s disease, Polymyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and heart muscle problems. 

These diseases appear to reduce the amount of energy being produced. For example, research shows that people with CFS make much less energy than healthy people. In most cases, excess free radicals damage mitochondria so they do not work efficiently. This is a little like disconnecting one of the spark plug leads in your car engine then wondering why it has less power.  

Last week we looked at the problems caused by cholesterol lowering medications. I have spoken with hundreds of people with common statin side effects, especially muscle and joint pain, low energy and reduced motivation. Adding a good CoQ10 often completely resolves these problems.

Adding a well formulated, rapid absorption form of CoQ10 lifts circulating CoQ10 and is quickly directed to its main role of making energy. This is why people often notice improvements in energy and muscle function within a few months of taking CoQ10.  Be aware that the market is now flooded with low cost semi-synthetic CoQ10 made from tobacco waste rather than the genuine, superior naturally-fermented CoQ10.

In most cases I use the patented rapid absorption CoQsol® but also my MTQ10 which is a complex of energy nutrients including B vitamins, CoQ10 and other compounds. Give me a call if you are unsure what to do.   For more information call or email You can read back issues at

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