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Local Tauranga band Legion Of Dissent consists of Dhiavat Mehta on vocals, Baz Mantis on guitars, Kingsley Smith on bass guitar and backing vocals, and Sol Radley on drums.

Inspired by rap-orientated rock, they say they have a great chemistry when they perform together.

The group formed last December, when Baz approached Kingsley to form a thrash metal band but quickly decided to change the band‘s style to rap-rock after Mr Achaeo – Dhiavat – and drummer Sol Radley joined them.

Rapper Dhiavat, originally from India, spent time in Los Angeles studying film-making before coming to New Zealand. He‘s featured on three songs of The D Day Saints' self-titled album.

Founding member Baz has spent the last decade as a recording artist, music video producer and audio engineer with a diverse range of music acts.

Kingsley had played keyboard with the band Knightshade for a couple of years. He also played bass in group Sabbotage when they were the tribute act for famous band Black Sabbath.

Sol has been drumming up a storm in various bands for the last 14 years. He recently graduated with a diploma in music production and performance.

Highlights for the band so far, would have to be co-writing five original songs on their first jam together, and their debut gig at The Incubator at the Historic Village.

Legion Of Dissent is playing Easter Saturday, April 15, at the Totara St performance venue, from 7.30pm-11.30pm and plan to do some out of town gigs later this year.



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