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The great thing about being passionate about music is that I get to meet some wonderful people to perform alongside.

Stephen Calvert moved to Tauranga from Palmerston North a little more than two years ago, and he’s become a good and trusted friend.

Stephen also plays acoustic guitar, which helps with song-writing, but his main instrument of choice is the bass guitar, which he plays very well.

He joined the Tauranga Acoustic Music Club. And through the luck of the draw, I ended up playing in a trio with him, in what the club calls a ‘blind date concert’ where the musicians’ names are drawn, then they have a month to prepare and then come back and perform songs as a group.

Great fun, and a novel way for musicians and performers to mix and mingle and try out new songs, and experience a band scenario. Check them out at:

Since then we have played at gigs, festivals, private parties and ‘open mic’ nights.

In Palmerston North Stephen was in a band called Weird Prophets, and before that in Ternative. He also taught bass guitar, both theory and practical, at Manawatu Musician Makers.

Upon hearing my original song, ‘Seasons’, Stephen came up with a catchy bass riff, and I’m happy to be able to incorporate this into my song recording, along with others in the pipeline.

He shares my passion for music and conservation; and one of my favourites of his original songs is one called ‘London Undergound’. He’s also written ‘I’m On My Way’, ‘Riding On A Wave’, and ‘Not That You Would Say’.

As well as songwriting, Stephen is having fun singing with friends in the Mauao Crazy Choir, which meets regularly at the Performing Arts Centre in Totara St, Mount Maunganui.

Stephen also plays in a duo with Paul Foote, and they perform as Out Of The Woods.

They will be playing at the Brew Craft Bar on The Strand in Tauranga on February 10 as featured artists in The LMM Club, where they will perform original songs and NZ covers.


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