Jacinderella and the glass ceiling

Brian Rogers Rogers Rabbits www.sunlive.co.nz Once upon a time in a dysfunctional kingdom, there lived a humble public servant girl  named Jacinderella. She worked in a Beehive with her ugly step-sisters, Greenella...... Read More

Awash with cash but more taxes

Simon Bridges National Party Leader simonbridges.co.nz In the past decade, New Zealand has experienced one of the fastest-growing economies in the developed world. Labour couldn’t have hoped to inherit an economy in better...... Read More

New Zealand First Commitments Shine Through

Clayton Mitchell New Zealand First MP As a New Zealand First Member of Parliament, I am proud to see several New Zealand First policies being implemented as part of the 2018 Budget. The policies and financial support will contribute...... Read More

TAB and boxing

Sideline Sid Sports correspondent & historian www.sunlive.co.nz As a keen - but largely unsuccessful - punter that has a number of very small bets on the horses each week using his online TAB account, Sideline Sid receives a...... Read More

Tropospheric Temperatures 1979 to April 2018

Weather Eye with John Maunder The chart below shows that since 1979, when reliable satellite observations became available, there has been little overall trend in the average tropospheric temperatures, apart from milder/warmer temperatures...... Read More

Real solutions to world issues

Brian Rogers Rogers Rabbits www.sunlive.co.nz There are so many important issues facing the world today.  Famine. Climate. Terrorism. Overpopulation. Plastic  shopping bags. Yet some people fail to take these things...... Read More

NZ First commitments shine through

Clayton Mitchell New Zealand First MP As a New Zealand First MP I am proud to see several New Zealand First policies being implemented as part of the 2018 Budget. The policies and financial support will contribute towards the process...... Read More

War memorial for Papamoa

Straight from city council A personal view, by Councillor Steve Morris Driving through small towns in New Zealand you’ll notice they all have war memorials commemorating local men who gave their lives for our freedom. Papamoa...... Read More

Priorities wrong in the budget

Todd Muller National MP   This month saw the Labour government deliver their first budget and I must say, as MP for Bay of Plenty, I was underwhelmed and disappointed. During the campaign great things were promised, but...... Read More

Delighted with the budget

Angie Warren-Clark Labour MP Last week I was proud to stand in Jacinda’s team as a part of the collation government as we presented our first Budget to Aotearoa. This Budget sees the rebuilding of critical public services,...... Read More

Spotlight on Curcumin and OPC part 2

John Arts Abundant Living www.johnarts.co.nz I speak daily to people affected by inflammation. This commonly affects joints, but can also affect most types of body tissue. While we can feel the discomfort of joint inflammation,...... Read More

Helping older adults find their feet

Active Voicewith Simone RoseKeep on your Feet support You’re never too old to challenge yourself – in fact, challenging your mind and body is a great way to stay fit and active throughout the golden years. Old age is inevitable,...... Read More

Bay sporting greats

Sideline SidSports correspondent & historian www.sunlive.co.nz Some athletes seem to have all the skill sets from a young age, while others have a journey to reach the top in their chosen sport.  A good example of the two roads to success...... Read More

Tauranga April Rainfalls 1898-2018

Weather Eyewith John Maunder Monthly rainfalls for Tauranga have been recorded at several recording sites during the last 118 years. From January 1898 to December 1904, the observation site was described as the Tauranga Harbour, from November 1904...... Read More

The RR guide to royal wedding clangers

Brian RogersRogers Rabbits www.sunlive.co.nz Half the world will go all gooey  and the other half are already tired of it; inflicted with yet another Royal Wedding.Fortunately for those of you less interested it’s in the middle of the...... Read More

A big black trike

Simon BridgesNational Party Leader simonbridges.co.nz You are probably expecting me to comment on Thursday’s Budget. However, the deadline for this column was prior to the Budget being delivered. By now you will know if the Ardern-Peters...... Read More

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Should schools be able to fine parents for parking illegally?

Yes, schools should have the right to fine those putting children in danger.
No, it should be left for police to handle.