Improper names for proper things

Brian RogersRogers Rabbits I remember very clearly the day I discovered raisins were actually dried grapes. It was shocking and embarrassing at the same time. I nearly fell off my tricycle, which can be quite dangerous when... Read More

TECT changes gear towards community needs

Clayton MitchellNew Zealand First MP The proposed changes to  TECT got a mixed reaction from the public. Personally, I found them very positive, with TECT shining a spotlight on future interest to invest in the community through the opportunity... Read More

Businesses don't want to be taking the risk

Simon BridgesNational MP That's the feedback I'm getting from Tauranga business people about the removal of the 90-day trial for businesses with more than 20 staff.  I'm really lucky to have the opportunity... Read More

Spotlight on Simon Fenlon

Spotlight on...with Janne GuitarGirl English-born Simon Fenlon considers himself a Kiwi, as his family moved to New Zealand when he was just four. Although his father was an accomplished pianist, Simon remembers the day he saw a Scottish pipe band... Read More

Try and show a little kindness around the Bay

Jan TinettiLabour MP A huge bouquet this week to a local supermarket employee who helped an elderly lady with her groceries and also to the man who observed this very kind act and took the time to post a thank you to him on the Mt Maunganui  Noticeboard... Read More

Inflammation seminar in town next month

John ArtsAbundant Living Our bodies possess the most extraordinary ability to repair damage and fight off pathogens that can make us sick.Our immune cells patrol every part of our body ready to repel bacterial, viral and fungal... Read More

New Mitsubishi Triton (2018)

DriveLine Fleetwith Colin Bower One of the things I enjoy about being part of the Driveline team is the opportunity to test drive the latest models to help my clients with their decision-making process. As independent advisers, we can be completely... Read More

What is your why?

Jane Le GuayHealth Team Leader,Sport Bay of Plenty Tom wanted to connect with people, Valerie wanted to live life to the fullest and Robert wanted to get his strength back - all these are their reasons for getting active - their ‘why's'. One... Read More

The agony and ecstasy of the Winter Olympics

Sideline SidSports correspondent & historian The extreme agony and ecstasy of sport was on display during the of the television coverage of the Winter Olympics in South Korea last week.  Winning never looked better than when... Read More

Addressing the heffalump in the room

Jim BunnyRogers Rabbits This week, Jim Bunny ventures out of the warren to share his thoughts  on an issue that keeps on growing.   It must be coming. Surely. I sense, because of all the fomenting over Rogers... Read More

Upcoming osteoarthritis seminar on March 1

John ArtsAbundant Living I know what osteoarthritis feels like. Both my thumb joints (CMC joint) have significant deterioration due to hyper-extended thumb ligaments. Loose ligaments meant that when I was young, I could move... Read More

Why I'm wholeheartedly supporting TECT's proposal

Straight from city councilA personal view,by Councillor Steve Morris As long-term Trustpower customers in our mid-to-late 30s (with God-willing many years left), you'd think my wife and  I would have the most to lose  by a change... Read More

Positive changes to social housing in Tauranga

Clayton MitchellNew Zealand First MP Over the last six years, the housing market has boomed due to a major influx of people into  New Zealand.  Auckland, by default, has suffered most from rapid population growth, which has manifested... Read More

Local housing first under Labour

Angie Warren-ClarkLabour MP Ever since I became an MP, the biggest issues that come my way are around housing, housing and - you guessed it - housing. On Monday, the results of a government-commissioned independent stocktake on housing revealed... Read More

Spotlight on Les Robinson

Spotlight on...with Janne GuitarGirl Now living in Tauranga, Les Robinson has his own company. DHL Groove Ltd supplies musical and entertainment services and equipment, as well as qualified legal and business management advice for musicians that... Read More

Gearing up for the school year

Active Voicewith Buddy MeyerSport BOP Primary School Sport Director Another school year has begun and the emails have started again. It is an extremely busy time for schools, and those staff and volunteers that work in the school sport space. The... Read More

Olympic style wrestling

Sideline SidSports correspondent & historian Olympic style wrestling is a sport that flies under the sporting headlines in New Zealand, with many of the amateur wrestling clubs scattered amongst the provincial regions of the country.  Regional... Read More

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