New coffee brews promote Katikati

Katch Katikati's promotions manager works very hard to push their brand – but she didn't need to lift a finger when an international coffee company named its newest product after the Western Bay town.

A picture of Starbucks' ‘Kati kati' blend coffee, taken in the USA.

Katikati has made it big time in the USA – with Starbucks naming its newest blend of coffee ‘Kati Kati', with it arriving in American stores on June 25.

“I think it's really great,” says Katch Katikati promotions manager Jacqui Knight. “I've emailed Starbucks in the [United] states to see if we can get some. You can actually buy it off their website, but you cannot seem to get it shipped to New Zealand,” says Jacqui.

“I think it's quite funny, there is a coffee branded after us, and I think it would be really neat to get it to sell in Katikati. But I'm not too sure at this stage without contacting Starbucks in the states as to whether we can,” says Jacqui.

“I've had two people send me pictures of it, so it's really good as a promotional tool.”

Moreover, the name does not hint at a coffee plantation existing in kiwifruit-laden Katikati – nor does it offer the same translation as what is known here in New Zealand.

On the Starbucks Melody website – an unofficial news and information site for the Starbucks Brands – it says the word ‘Kati Kati' comes from Swahili, “which is one of the national languages of Kenya, and it means “between”.”

The new blend, has citrus and spice notes”, and is described “as a blend of Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees”, being recommended as drinkable either “hot or iced”. 

To locals in the Western Bay town, the most common definition of ‘Katikati' is nibble nibble (relating to a Maori chief's eating of a kumara).