No absolute version of democracy

Whilst somewhat predictable, the response by R Prince and B Johnson (SunLive, January 5) to my support of Maori wards (SunLive, December 29) is disappointing. Inference can be a powerful weapon in debate, but I did not accuse R Prince of misrepresenting... Read More

No support for mental health claim

Please permit me to answer R Stewart's letter re warmer temperatures and mental health issues (The Weekend Sun, December 22). The professor claimed warmer temperatures will lead to increased mental health problems. There have been no studies to... Read More

Transporters in bus lanes

It seems odd that the Tauranga District Council geniuses can't lease a rock crusher somewhere (using it at night perhaps) to simply crush rubbish glass (which Waste Management won't collect after April 1, 2018) rendering the waste to silica... Read More

Medicine buyers beware

Recently I purchased a New Zealand Health Authority-recommended elemental dietary supplement which is available without a prescription. The product is usually kept in the dispensary, not in the self-service area. In the NZ Pharmaceutical Schedule... Read More

Drought, farmers and putting the boot in

I debated long and hard about the use of commenting on either K Hearle ‘Warmer is better' or D Hardie ‘Drought is a fact of life' (The Weekend Sun, December 15).What tipped the balance was the fact that New Zealand has already... Read More

Cliff Rd ‘totally wrong’

Recently I drove a neighbour of mine to Park St Eye Hospital for a procedure, but rather than spend an hour in the waiting room drove on to the Rose Garden and Begonia House at Cliff Rd. Unfortunately the area was inundated with parked cars. No way did... Read More

Hot pools disappointment

My wife and I had family visiting from the USA over Christmas and New Year. One of their priorities was to visit and relax in the Mount Hot Pools. We decided to do so early on Thursday, December 28, arriving at about 7am. To our surprise we, and others,... Read More

Honours ‘anachronistic’

With the silly season ‘gongs' dished out yet again, it's pertinent to reflect on something the last Labour Government got pretty right, namely the abolition of knighthoods and damehoods doled out to the rich and famous then inexplicably... Read More

Forget those who do the work

Annette King and Peter Dunn were in Parliament for over 30 years picking up huge sums of money to look after No 1. No MP should do more than four terms in the house – it's being used as a retirement home; better than super for the public. Now... Read More

2018 resolution

How about a 2018 resolution that has direct democracy as its aim? I raise this because our media is telling us the wishes of local politicians and ignoring the 100,000 people of Tauranga city who have no say, but have to pay. For example: a new $5m visitor... Read More

Opinion Poll

Should the Christmas/New Year school holidays be moved to February when the weather is typically better in NZ?

Yes, that is when I would take my holidays.
No, you never know when there is going to be bad weather.

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Mauao through the poppies. Photo: Lynley Whitaker.

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