'Twister' travels past Pilot Bay

Mount Maunganui residents Dani Morales and her partner Mark Laurences' plans for breakfast ended with a twist after a 'twister' made its way across Pilot Bay this morning.

A twister was seen making its way across Pilot Bay this morning.

Mark and Dani were on their way to breakfast around 10.30am when they saw what they described as a twister making its way towards Mauao.

“When we were driving down Maunganui road we commented on how windy it was.

“All of a sudden I heard this amazingly intense engine sound. It just sounded like a jet engine.”

“What I was hearing and what I was seeing were completely different things.”

The twister made its way from behind a tree before heading towards the car park where Dani and Mark were parked.

“At one point a branch flew in to the water. Then for about five minutes it was just cruising around Pilot Bay. I didn't see where it went after that.”

Mark says there were about 10 people swimming in the harbour when the tornado travelled past – although he says no one was scared.

“No one was really scared. But I was just scared my car was going to get something thrown on it.”

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Posted on 04-02-2013 13:34 | By YOGI

Like been to Oklahoma where they are real and some, this does not even pass off as "phsuedo" in fact you blink and you still don't see it as anything real.


Posted on 03-02-2013 23:02 | By stevemdonovan

at straws.


Posted on 03-02-2013 16:17 | By Capt_Kaveman

twisters are pretty common i see a few every year mainly in summer

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