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What do you think of the new Council Chambers plan?

Love it. It's high time we updated the CBD like this.
It looks nice.
I don't care or didn't know.
It's not necessary; the current chambers are fine.
It's a waste of money that could be used for other things.

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Government finances improve on last year

Posted at 2:41pm Friday 25 Jan, 2013

Firm control of the Government's expenses and an improvement in revenue has kept the Crown's financial position broadly on track with forecasts in the five months to 30 November, says Finance Minister Bill English.

“Compared to the first five months of the previous financial year, we have made good progress in moving towards our target of getting back to surplus by 2014/15.

“The operating deficit before gains and losses has come in at $3billion for the five months to 30 November. That's a $1.5billion improvement on the $4.5billion deficit for the same five months last year.

“Core Crown tax revenue was $1.1billion higher for the first five months of this financial year, partly as a result of higher source deductions through wage growth.

“At the same time, core Crown expenses were $50 million lower than the previous year, as government spending remained relatively flat.

“Overall, the results for the first five months of the year were in line with forecasts in the Half-Year Update last month.

“It's important that the Government sticks to its programme of responsible fiscal management, so we can get back to surplus and start repaying debt.

“At the same time, we will remain focused on building a more competitive and productive economy that encourages investment and supports jobs and higher incomes.

“That will be the focus of Budget 2013 later in the year.”

Source: Office of Bill English.


Really? The borrowing worries me

Posted on 28-01-2013 15:34 | By Phailed

Those who are worried about local Council's debt, what about central govt borrowing what I think is the equivalent of Tauranga City's debt only every week???

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