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Cherrywood Westpac is one of 19 branches closing down. What do you think about this?

It doesn’t worry me as I don’t bank with Westpac.
It’s an absolute shame, I used that bank all the time.
I guess I will just have to change banks.
I will probably just move to online banking.

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Cheese dream project wins fair

Posted at 12:39pm Saturday 01 Oct, 2011 | By Letitia Atkinson

A Tauranga girl with a passion for science is shocked to have won the secondary school section of the NIWA BOP Science Fair.

Rebekah Anderson is homeschooled and competed against students from local colleges and intermediates.

Rebekah Anderson with her winning project.

“I was really surprised when I saw my name on the board,” says Rebekah.

“I was the youngest of all the seniors.”

Rebekah's project looked at the effects cheese might have on people's dreams.

“I did all the research and planning for the idea and sent out the packets to the subjects.”

About 30 people took part in the project and the results were a bit of a mix.

“It all depends on how you interpret them.”

Last year Rebekah won the junior secondary section and was selected by Otago University as having the best scientific method at the fair.

She was given a scholarship prize to their Hands on Science Summer School. 

“I hope to return to the Hand on Science next year and I hope to study anatomy.”


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