Aucklanders bring bad driving with them?

Re ‘Drivers a breed unto themselves' from I Goldsmith, Bureta (The Weekend Sun, September 22). Yes, I totally agree with everything that I Goldsmith says. I hear comments from other people going on about the shocking drivers in Tauranga and their thoughts are that they consider it's the majority of Aucklanders that have moved here and brought their terrible driving with them. Who knows! It is strange that there are so many dreadful drivers in Tauranga and there are a lot of accidents for the size of this place. I cannot get over the number of people who run the orange light and don't use their blinkers – what is the matter with these idiots? I look out my window and watch the free parkers in our street trying to get into a park – most of them are young women and goodness knows who has taught them to drive, but one thing's for sure – they have no idea how to back into a park – they are either half up on the pavement or they have the front of the car jutting out which could easily be hit by an oncoming car. Quite frankly, words fail me!

D Yeoman, Tauranga South.


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