Protesters shut down mining road

Protesters blocking access to the mining site this morning. Supplied photo.

A group of protesters are blocking access to a mine site in the Karangahake Gorge.

The group says no amount of gold is worth compromising the popular conservation park and vow to do all they can protect it.

Among the 30 community members blocking the road is local soil scientist Rachel Sorley.

"I am here to help protect conservation land," says Rachel. 

"Karangahake is an important ecological corridor that joins Coromandel to the Kaimai Ranges.

"Our local economy is bolstered by tourism. We have the Hauraki Rail Trail bringing in 92,000 people a year.”

Tourism in the Coromandel generates $337 million a year and is growing at 7.7 per cent per annum.

Last week, New Talisman Gold Mines announced that they have identified a significant gold vein with Mt Karangahake and hope to reopen the historic mine into full production.

When the mine workers arrived this morning they were unable to access the site as the group has blocked the road and it is believed the police are now on their way. 


Mining Protest

Posted on 17-07-2017 18:09 | By peter pan

Why cant these people go and help the needy and homeless folk instead of getting in peoples way who are doing their daily chores.Pains in the you know what the lot of them.

here we go again

Posted on 17-07-2017 17:17 | By old trucker

Agree with dumbkof2, DO these people have jobs, how many had a sick day for this, mining may well bring jobs, gosh its none of their business to stop workers, surely a stop like this would cost the Co,. $$$$$$thousands, but they dont care, and get their photo taken and probably be on TV,should not give them any exposure in either,and they might go home,if WFF OR WINZ notice anyone in this photo should have their benefit cut,how can they afford this nonsense, my thoughts only on this subject, PS, we were stopped in the old days at the Huntly power station site with 3 loaded trailers with prefabs on to take on site, for 1 day we had to join the union to get in otherwise no go, it cost a lot of money for a day then,Sunlive ,is No1, Thankyyou, 10-4 out.

@ dumbkof2

Posted on 17-07-2017 16:52 | By astex

Couldn't agree more. Obviously the view of only a few with only 16 protestors turning up. Fact is they all probably have cell phones and modern tech at home that needs gold to operate. With modern mining techniques for ALL natural sources why not get as much as we can and make our country prosperous for all. When finished with you will not even know they were there. In fact one huge mining project in Germany became a world heritage site when mining ended.


Posted on 17-07-2017 12:40 | By dumbkof2

same old same old protest faces. nothing better to do but stop people from going about their legal business. getting really brassed of with all these protests

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