A naked surprise

A naked woman in the back of a camper van was a surprise sight for Tauranga fire fighters turning out to investigate a road side fire on Thursday evening.

The smoke reported by a passing motorist, was from the cooker on which the couple were cooking a barbecue in the roadside area beside the Wairoa River.

“He was cooking dinner, she was butt naked,” says Tauranga senior station officer Len Sabin.

The four fire fighters had a word with the couple about rural fire restrictions and left. 


Where there's smoke ...

Posted on 24-12-2010 18:09 | By Murray.Guy

Where's there's smoke somebody just loves to dial 111. In this case I suspect the 'concerned motorist' could have easily confirmed there was no risk, in addition to providing assistance if actually required!

that's hillarious

Posted on 24-12-2010 14:51 | By esquire



Posted on 24-12-2010 14:21 | By maggiebop

Are we all jealous that she was probably quite cool and comfortable? I wouldn't do it but am sure she was feeling great!

Wash your hands

Posted on 24-12-2010 13:06 | By Gary gc

What happened to wash your hands grubs up!

Extinguish that butt

Posted on 24-12-2010 09:21 | By

Was this a case of freedom campers playing with a naked flame?

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