For richer or poorer?

Vanessa Dodunskifrom Enable Me When you first “consciously coupled” with your partner, things looked fine.  You are both in good jobs with good prospects. Your spouse worked hard, progressed quickly, you both enjoyed the perks... Read More

Why you need a mentor

Careers with Hartwith Jay Hart A great factor in the success, and sometimes failure, of every individual is whether or not that individual has been, or is, being mentored. A work-place mentor is someone you have identified as having significantly... Read More

Your teen's career starts now

Careers with Hartwith Jay Hart At the end of university, each graduate will hold a qualification. Relevant work experience will often determine which graduate gets hired. For more competitive university studies including veterinary science; relevant,... Read More

Getting the job: the interview

Careers with Hartwith Jay Hart If you've made it to the interview, your CV and cover letter show you've got what it takes for the job advertised. Unfortunately, so does everyone else they're interviewing. So who gets the job? The interview is really... Read More

Where to find the jobs in New Zealand

Careers with Hartwith Jay Hart This year in New Zealand, the two fastest growing industries with the highest employee demand are the service industry and the social and community services Industry – in that order.  This doesn't... Read More

Getting the Interview: CV Tips

Careers with Hartwith Jay Hart If you're using the same version of your CV for each job application you submit, you are decreasing your chances of getting that interview. It's easy to think that because your curriculum vitae (CV) is... Read More

How to get the interview

Careers with Hartwith Jay Hart How will employers choose who to interview when they're considering somewhere between forty and hundreds of applicants for one job? The person whose cv matches the exact specifications of the job will always get interviewed.... Read More

The Secret Your Teen's Not Keeping

Careers with Hartwith Jay Hart "I don't know" must be the most beloved teenage mantra. But, behind "I don't know" lurkes a secret. They really do know. And we know this, because right after they say "I don't know", we proceed to foolishly tell... Read More

Mortgage topup: why worry?

Bruce CortesiPlanwise financial advisor The home loan market is running hot. And the reduction in the Official Cash Rate, announced last week, is creating even more home loan activity. But there are some serious warnings to heed,... Read More

Back to school before business migration

Smart Lawwith Michelle Carabine of Harris Tate Uplifting roots and making a fresh business start in a new country can be a daunting task. To reduce this stress, it pays to do some homework to get a real idea of what to expect,... Read More

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Salisbury Wharf at the Mount, c. 1950. Locals queuing up ready to board the ferry to Tauranga. Photo: Craig McFarlane.

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