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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

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Now that they’ve finally been unveiled on Tauranga’s waterfront, what do you think of the bronze Hairy Maclary sculptures?

Amazing! They look great and bring character to The Strand.
I suppose they are okay if you are a kid or a tourist.
They are a complete waste of space and money.
I genuinely do not care.

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The return of the swamp thing

Ady & Flo

Uncle's been watching a few horror movies lately, but nothing could prepare him for The Return of the Swamp Thing.

Nor was there any warning to the goldfish in the pond, either, for the thrashing they got from The Swamp Thing.

Hot summer nights, the need to cool off, combined with a wayward ball ending up in the pond, and whammo, the Brown Bomber makes a spectacular splashdown, mid-pond. Could it get any worse?

Well yes, because every now and then, a mate arrives and we go in tandem. Save water, swim with a friend. There's only one thing better than a dog in a fish pond – two dogs in a fish pond.

Shame about the liner getting holed and the water draining out. The fish will need emergency housing while the pond is rebuilt. The boss is looking for some stronger options than the plastic liner, which appears not to be Labrador-resistant. Never mind, the tide comes in every day and me and Ady are enjoying the long balmy afternoons beachside. Or in her case, barmy.

Next week: How the boss kept me out of the fishpond. ‘Til then, look after your animals, don't leave them in the hot car and take care out there. Send us your holiday pooch pictures!

- Flo and Ady.


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