Changes ahead in 2013

Jane Nees
BOP Regional Councillor

2013 will be a very interesting year full of uncertainties.

One of the biggest is the local body elections which will occur on Saturday 12 October 2013. This means it is a short work year for local body politicians, since not much happens immediately before or after an election.

Silly season kicks in about August, as those who like to play political games (I don't!) start lobbing grenades. I prefer to keep on doing the best job I can and leave the politicising to those who think it works in their favour. I will seek re-election in 2013 – the voters will decide if I have done a good enough job representing them over the past six years.

The other major uncertainty is local government reform. There is a huge legislative change agenda being driven by central government – we will see another Local Government Act Amendment Bill, a RMA Reform Bill, and likely transport legislative changes. It is still unclear what these changes will mean, but I see no reason to stop doing the best job we can under the current framework, until change actually hits.

In the interim though, we should be streamlining the way we do things, working as collaboratively as we can with other councils, and communicating well with our community on what we are doing and why.

There will be lots of rumour, scaremongering, hype and politicking. I hope you'll recognise this for what it is, and not get too excited about it.

If you have any views on this or any other issue, please email me: or phone 07 579 5150. Or you can check out my website:


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