Therapy for Osteoarthritis (Part 2)

John ArtsAbundant Living Nutritional therapy can be effective in helping osteoarthritis. For example I have been helping someone with osteoarthritis (OA) in one knee which affected her mobility. She also had hypertension and... Read More

Therapy for osteoarthritis (part 1)

John ArtsAbundant Living Everyone is different and this is certainly true when using nutritional therapy for osteoarthritis. Sometimes these differences are obvious – helping someone in their 80s with advanced arthritis... Read More

Going Green

Rebekah Sharpfrom Elm Tree Early Learning Centre Growing children who live sustainably, respect nature and have a heart for the environment is easy with these great tips from Rebekah Sharp from Elm Tree Early Learning Centre. Be a good role model... Read More

Should I take Co Enzyme Q10 (Part 2)

John ArtsAbundant Living Co enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is one of the most important things made by your body. The crucial function of CoQ10 is to shuttle electrons in the final stage of making our energy.  The main symptom of low... Read More

Should I take Co Enzyme Q10? (Part 1)

  John ArtsAbundant Living Co Enzyme Q10 – also known as CoQ10 – is a vitamin-like substance essential for life. While we normally make all of the CoQ10 we need, some people because of age, health problems or... Read More

Manganese: An essential trace mineral

  John ArtsAbundant Living Manganese is often confused with magnesium. Magnesium is a major mineral needed in larger amounts while manganese is an essential trace mineral needed in tiny amounts – about 3mg daily. We... Read More

A good multivitamin – Part 3

John ArtsAbundant Living During recent weeks we've looked at what you should expect from a good multi-nutritional formula. I know of no other supplement to have such profound health benefits. The best products use top quality... Read More

A good multivitamin – Part 2

John ArtsAbundant Living I find it interesting that most multi-vitamin products place a heavy emphasis on B group while paying little attention to others. While some people have sub-optimum levels of B vitamins, many have straight... Read More

Benefits of a good multi (Part 1)

John ArtsAbundant Living If, like many Kiwis, you take a multi-type supplement then you should carefully read the mineral content on the label. Minerals are critical for the health and development of every cell in our body. Minerals... Read More

Tips for joint health – Part 2

John ArtsAbundant Living This week we look at some of the practical dietary and home-help tips that can help with joints affected by arthritis. While these are primarily targeting osteoarthritis – known as OA – nutritional... Read More

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