Plenty of challenges face our regional council

Andrew von DadelszenFormer Regional Councillor We've now been sworn in as regional councillors, so please be clear my editorials reflect my personal thoughts, and in no way are intended to represent those as a councillor of the Bay of Plenty... Read More

Two of the better leaders in charge

Todd TalksBy Todd Muller Watching John Key and Bill English in action these last couple of weeks, it's hard not to feel we have two of the better leaders in charge of New Zealand at such a critical time. If NZ was an aeroplane then the Prime... Read More

Old media in its death throes – will democracy survive?

Straight from city councilwith councillor Steve Morris Politicians and the media are in a co-dependency relationship. Politicians need to be seen by voters. And reporters need to pump out thousands of words every week to keep their jobs. A relationship... Read More

Two years on: Lows and highs

Clayton MitchellNew Zealand First MP Two years as an MP has challenged me and opened my eyes to the best and worst of what's going on in New Zealand. When December 2015 arrived, I didn't want to take a break, because there was so much... Read More

Building a stronger, more prosperous country

Simon BridgesNational MP New Zealand is continuing to make great strides towards building a stronger, more prosperous country – a country where we can have a great lifestyle and earn a good income that compares well with... Read More

Unsustainable Immigration Is Not A Right

Clayton MitchellNew Zealand First MP New Zealand First is pro-immigration. Yes, you read that correctly. But immigration to New Zealand is not a right. Rich or poor, black or white, Asian or American, we should be limiting our visas to a sustainable... Read More

What’s your average councillor worth?

Straight from city councilwith councillor Steve Morris The Remuneration Authority in Wellington sets the pay of your mayor at $149,814 and city councillors at $70,949 for what they term a “near full-time” role. Committee chairs receive... Read More

The role of a local MP

Todd TalksBy Todd Muller After years in the private sector, politics has certainly proved to be an interesting career choice. While the formality and bureaucratic pace of Parliament can at times be frustrating, there is no greater feeling than... Read More

Earthquakes – the wake-up call we needed

Straight from city councilwith councillor Steve Morris Last week I shared the work we've done with tsunami evacuation routes during the last three years and my view – that we need to add loud sirens to the email and text alert system. Three... Read More

Civil Defence: Amendments and Requirements

Clayton MitchellNew Zealand First MP The recent earthquakes and seismic activity we have seen in New Zealand, and the devastation caused, really brings home the urgent need for implementation of the Civil Defence Emergency Management Amendment... Read More

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