Thinking climate change

Todd MullerNational MP   As we begin 2018, I have a request to my counterpart, Minister James Shaw, to ensure the significant climate change discussions that await both parliament and communities all across New Zealand this year are anchored... Read More

Bringing 2018 into sharp focus

Simon BridgesNational MP It's that time when you start to think about what you want to achieve over the coming year. Setting goals or resolutions are a good way to do this. As your elected representative I thought it wouldn't... Read More

Refreshed and ready to get back to work

Todd MullerNational MP   Happy New Year and welcome to another year of my fortnightly The Weekend Sun column – a great tool for communicating with our community. I hope you all made the most of the time off work, saw some sun, and spent... Read More

Museum costs causing concern

Simon BridgesNational MP Over the last couple of weeks my office has been fielding many calls from people about the Tauranga Museum. Many of our callers are upset at how much the project is likely to cost, which has been wildly... Read More

Take some time out this Christmas

Clayton MitchellNew Zealand First MP I can honestly say 2017 has been a very busy and at times very challenging year. The election saw the forming of our new government and the chance to show New Zealand how we can work together to bring about... Read More

Homelessness and begging in the CBD

Straight from city councilA personal view,by Councillor Steve Morris I vividly recall the first time I saw a beggar. I was eight-years-old and on a family trip to Sydney. I saw a man sitting in a doorway asking for money. I was shocked because... Read More

Engaging with the community

Todd TalksBy Todd Muller One of the great highlights of my job is having the opportunity to witness, engage with and support a vast array of community events. We have always been the kind of family that got involved locally, and as the parents... Read More

Ancient Romans and 21st Century Tauranga

Straight from city councilA personal view,by Councillor Steve Morris Whenever you recycle a glass bottle you are participating in a human tradition that has been around for at least 2000 years. Roman citizens were recorded recycling glass just... Read More

Day at the races

Clayton MitchellNew Zealand First MP Christmas is just around the corner, and with that comes the summer holidays. Families will gather together, make plans and head out for the fun and festivities of the season. One of the major events that attract... Read More

Dads hold the key to empowering their sons.

Simon BridgesNational MP Wouldn't it be great to live in an environment where there is no family violence? That has been the focus of two of the community events I have attended this week, one with White Ribbon and the... Read More

Opinion Poll

Should the Christmas/New Year school holidays be moved to February when the weather is typically better in NZ?

Yes, that is when I would take my holidays.
No, you never know when there is going to be bad weather.

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’Summer Pohutukawa Blossom’, part of an iPhoneOgraphy photo-series. Photo: Bill Gibson-Patmore.

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